St. Charles Columbarium

The St. Charles Cemetery on Hill Street features a beautiful and reverant Columbarium for St. Charles parishioners who chose cremation. The Columbarium has niches that hold one or two urns.

The option of cremation was affirmed in the spirit of Vatican Council II in 1963. The revised Code of Canon Law (1983) further clarified permissible practices for cremation.

Church teaching insists that cremated remains must be given the same respect as the body, including the manner in which they are carried and the attention given to their appropriate transport and placement. This includes a worthy container to hold the cremated remains. Cremated remains may be buried in a cemetery or entombed in a mausoleum or Columbarium, using the rites provided by the Order of Christian Funerals. Columbaria have become a popular choice because they are respectful, practical, economical and kind to the environment.

More information about our sacred Columbarium is available on the information wall, HERE or stop in the Parish Office and speak to Mike Cattani at 262-367-0800 Ext. 229 or