St. Charles Forms Mission Relationship with Diocese of El Paso

On the weekend of Nov. 17 & 18 Bishop Mark Seitz, the Bishop of the Diocese of El Paso, Texas will visit St. Charles. Bishop Seitz lived in Hartland with his family and was Baptized and received his First Holy Communion at St. Charles Parish. After graduating from Arrowhead High School in 1972, he entered the seminary in Dallas. He was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Dallas in 1980. He served in various Diocese parishes and for a time was a Spiritual Director and then Vice Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary. In 2010 he was named by Pope Benedict as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas. He continued in that capacity until 2013 when he was named by Pope Francis as the sixth Bishop of El Paso. Our parish continues a close connection with Bishop Seitz who frequently celebrates Mass at St. Charles, while visiting his family. A number of his siblings still belong to St. Charles Parish.

In his present ministry, Bishop Seitz has witnessed a miracle unfold as the number of seminarians studying for the Diocese of El Paso has grown from only 11 at his arrival five years ago to 28 this year! There is a great need for priests in the Diocese and this is an answer to prayers. The formation of priests is a nine year process including college and graduate school. It costs an average of $35,000 per year for every seminarian’s education. Bishop Seitz needs to raise over $500,000 this year to assist in covering the cost of their education. El Paso is one of the most economically challenged in the country with an average per capita income of only $13,000. A local drive is being conducted to raise money but he hopes a partnership with St. Charles will support their financial need.

A special collection will be conducted during Bishop Seitz’s visit. We pray you may assist the Diocese of El Paso's mission to support and expand the priesthood!