Maria Notch

Liturgical Music Assistant and Baptism Coordinator

Maria directs the Youth Praise group, which sings every other 6:00 Sunday evening mass, coaches and help schedule the cantors and psalmists, and serves herself as a lead cantor. She attained extensive knowledge of liturgical music as an Assistant Director of Music at St. Paul’s University Catholic Center. When the Evangelical Catholic was in its first years in Madison, Maria led worship for the first two Evangelical Catholic Institutes. This and her experience with sacred music singing in the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale with her husband developed a passion in her heart and high standards for liturgical music.

(262) 367-0800 ext. 215
  • Directs 6:00 Mass Youth Praise Group
  • Coaches Cantors and Psalmists
  • Schedules Cantors and Psalmists