Children's Formation

The first teachers children will have in learning their faith are their parents! But in addition to the guidance you give your children, St. Charles Parish provides religious education programs to help foster and form a child’s spiritual life. More information can be found on the preschool and religious education programs in the Children's Formation Handbook PDF.

Preschool (K3 & K4) and Kindergarten (K5)

St. Charles is offering the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Montessori-based Religious Education) for K3-K5. Please contact the Children's Formation Office for more information at (262) 367-3277, ext. 205.

Traditional Religious Education and the Sacraments

For Grades 1 through 5, St. Charles offers a religious education program in a traditional classroom setting. It is through this program that children receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion, which the Archdiocese of Milwaukee celebrates in 2nd Grade. It is important to note that if you are interested in your child receiving the sacraments, they must be registered for the year prior, 1st Grade, to receive proper formation for these special sacraments.  

Each year a child returns to his or her religious education, another critical stepping stone of his or her journey towards Christ is completed! Spiritual growth and devotion to the faith start with an understanding of Catholicism and the beautiful call to be disciples. The volunteer teachers leading each classroom are individuals dedicated to their faith and to the growth of their students’ spiritual lives. For more information contact the Children's Formation Office at (262) 367-3277 ext. 205.



  • When do classes meet?
    • Sundays (September/October - April):
      K4, K5, Grade 1 (9:00 - 10:00 am)
      Grades 3-6 (10:15-11:45 am)

      Wednesdays (September-May)
      Grades 2-6 (6:30-7:30 pm)

      Summer (usually the last two weeks of July)
      Grade 1 and Grades 3-8 (8:30-11:30 am, Monday-Friday)

  • How can I sign my child up for SUMMER Child Formation classes?
    • To sign your child(ren) up for classes please click HERE to register. Also please print out and fill in the Summer Child Formation Payment Worksheet pdf located above.

  • Will my child with special needs such as autism, learning disabilities or physical disabilities be able to participate in Religious Education?
    • We work very closely with you to help your child participate, prepare for and celebrate the sacraments according to their capabilities and in a manner suited to their needs - generally with small group or individual preparation.

  • At what age should I have my child begin Children's Formation?
    • K4 and K5 are available, but optional. Children need to begin with Grade 1 in order to prepare for First Reconciliation and First Communion in Grade 2.

  • What if my child is older than Grade 2 and has not yet received First Reconciliation and/or First Communion?
    • We work with your child to accomplish this through individual or small group preparation according to their needs, using materials appropriate to their age and grade level.

  • Director of Children's Formation
    (262) 367-3277 ext. 205