First Reconciliation and First Communion

The sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion are central parts of the Catholic faith! Whereas Reconciliation (also known as Confession) is God’s beautiful act of forgiving, First Communion has to do with the central part of the Catholic Mass. In preparing to receive First Communion, a Catholic is preparing to receive the real and physical presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist! 

First Reconciliation and First Communion for Children

In the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Reconciliation and First Communion are celebrated in 2nd grade, and formation for children to receive the sacraments is offered here at St. Charles through the Children's Formation Program and through St. Charles School. If your child participates in the Children's Formation Program and you are interested in your child receiving the sacraments, it is important to note that the child must be registered in 1st grade for the year or summer of classes prior to 2nd grade to adequately prepare for these beautiful sacraments.  

The first semester of your 2nd grader’s year in Children's Formation will be spent preparing for First Reconciliation, which will be received in December or January. The second semester will be spent preparing for First Communion which will be received in the weeks following Easter Sunday. For more information on the First Reconciliation and First Communion process for Children, refer to the Children's Formation program’s page which may be found under Know Christ, or the Children's Formation Handbook PDF, or by contacting the Children's Formation Office at (262) 367-3277 ext. 205 or St. Charles Parish School at (262) 367-2040.  

If your child is older than 2nd grade and has still not received these sacraments, or has special learning disabilities such as autism, or a mental or physical disability, the Children's Formation Program staff will still work with your child to prepare for these sacramental celebrations. Please contact the Children's Formation office to discuss your specific case.

First Communion for Adults

Adults who have been baptized but have never received First Communion, or who have never been baptized or received First Communion, can find resources to pursue these wonderful sacraments through the RCIA Program (Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults). Information is located under Becoming Catholic  under Love Christ.