2019 Men of Christ Catholic Conference

Young Men of Christ - March 29th
Men of Christ - March 30th
Miller High Life Theater

It’s not just a conference.

It’s about changing our world,
one man at a time.

Today more than ever, Catholic men need answers. Balancing commitments to faith, family, and work can sometimes seem to be an impossible task. How can these very important but distinct areas of life be reconciled? At Men of Christ, it begins with a deeper and more solid understanding of our Catholic faith. The Men of Christ Conference seeks to start this process of understanding the faith. The goal of the Men of Christ Conference is to improve men–to make them courageous leaders–and to provide answers to these difficult life questions. This process starts with a Conference, but it is not about a Conference.

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Adult: $41 | Students: $25 | Religious: FREE

Sign up deadline for this pricing is March 16th

Questions? Our St. Charles Contact is:
Tom O’Brien – 262-337-0209 or tobrien1010@yahoo.com