Beyond the Porch - St. Charles Prayer Warriors

Meet Pat And Mary, Who Lead Our Prayer Warriors

Have you ever needed to storm heaven with prayers for God to help you or someone you love? Or perhaps you had your prayers answered and wondered who was praying for you? If so, it may have been the St. Charles Prayer Network coming together in prayer to ask for God's blessings on your behalf. Two women from our Parish, Pat Blavat and Mary Hauke, have answered God's call to help those in need through prayer.

St. Charles’ Prayer Network began in 1980 under the direction of the late Faye Habermann. Two years later, Faye recruited Pat to help contact those in need of prayers.

“I was led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to people who needed prayer,” Pat says. “Many people feel comfort in knowing that someone is praying for them.”

After Faye passed away in 1995, Pat took over the Prayer Network. She was instrumental in creating a Prayer Chain with fellow parishioners who would contact their groups of people and pray, which was run by Dawn Nowak for many years. Dawn retired from this emergency prayer request ministry about a year ago, and it is currently led by Mary Hauke.

“I have been a frequent prayer requester for the Prayer Network,” Mary says. “I believe in the power of prayer for my requests and enjoy praying for others, as well. I’m excited to help share timely information so that our prayer warriors can lift up the specific person in prayer.”

Both Pat and Mary have found that being a part of the Prayer Network is spiritually fulfilling.

“The most rewarding aspect is knowing that we have helped someone get through a difficult time by our caring thoughts and prayers,” Pat says.

“The most rewarding part today is this new task of helping to spread the word about people who need emergency prayers,” Mary adds.

The Prayer Network would love your help if you are interested! If you would like to be a prayer warrior or have prayer requests, please send an email to If you are in need of immediate prayers, please don’t hesitate to email or contact the Parish Office at 262-367-0800.

Thank you to Pat, Mary, and everyone involved with the Prayer Network for keeping our community in their prayers!