Festival of the Lord Offering

The beautiful decorations in our Church during the Christmas season lift our spirits closer to the Lord Jesus as we celebrate His birth. They help us to pray more deeply and feel closer to one another. We invite you to donate toward our decorations by making an offering in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving for a blessing in your life, for a special intention or simply as a free-will offering. We will list the names of the people remembered, the blessings recalled or the intentions held in your hearts in the bulletin on January 1, Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, we will not print the donor's name nor the amount given. 

If you wish to make this offering, please fill out the form on page 7 of this bulletin and return it with your donation to the Parish Office by Wednesday, December 14. Offerings received after this date will not show in the bulletin (one-time list in the January 1 bulletin - earlier date due to the holiday publications schedule).