Final Months of 2018-2019 St. Charles Parish School Annual Development Fund

St. Charles Parish School relies on the Annual Development Fund to help bridge the gap between student tuition, the parish subsidy and the true cost to educate a child at St. Charles Parish which is about $6,000. With tuition for the 2019-2020 School Year at $3,565, our school has one of the lowest tuition rates of all Catholic schools in the Western Waukesha Deanery. This means school leaders can keep Catholic education affordable for all who desire it for their children.

Enrollment at St. Charles is strong and the number of students enrolled has nearly doubled in the last decade.

Money donated in recent years to the Annual Development Fund has allowed for the hiring of instructional aides who can assist individual student needs in math, reading, writing and advanced curriculum and allow us to tailor lessons for each student’s needs. This also helps keep a low student-teacher ratio.

Another major benefit from the Annual Development Fund this year was hiring an experienced and dedicated reading specialist and a new Spanish teacher. Bringing a Spanish teacher on staff with a meaningful curriculum was a top priority for our school based on feedback from our parents.

All St. Charles students benefit from the Annual Development Fund.

This year we have plenty of new faces on campus who work closely with our veteran teachers. In his first year on the job, Principal Dan Garvey hired new teachers in music, physical education, Spanish and middle school literature and language arts.

We have a solid team in place to meet the needs of our students and we will continue to improve our school by listening and acting on parent concerns.

Please consider donating to the Annual Development Fund by donating through the parish e-Giving site. This is a simple and efficient process and it only takes a couple of minutes to donate.

If you feel more comfortable writing a check you are welcome to drop if off in the School Office or Parish Office. If you would like more information please call the School Office at 262-367-2040.

Thank you again for your consideration to the Annual Development Fund. We thank you for your prayers and your support of St. Charles Parish School.