Go Deeper with the NextStep Cards during Advent

Many people want to grow closer to God, but they don't know how or what to do next. They feel alone, adrift in a world that doesn't even talk about God, with no one to guide them. But God calls everyone into deep, intimate friendship with him. It is possible. Nextstep guides believers step-by-step into the profound, authentic relationship with God they are made for.

To help you, we invite you to follow the instructions below and sign up for your own ECNextStep account which will give you full access to tools you can use to vitalize your Advent journey!

Step 1: Go to www.ecnextstep.com
Step 2: Click on Sign in (top right corner)
Step 3: Click on ‘Create a new account’ (center of current page)
Step 4: Use the search bar, and type in the card of the week
Step 5: Begin the Step challenge and watch how powerfully God speaks

These cards will be handed out in a reverse collection during Advent at
every weekend Mass.

Week 1 - "Pray Every Day"
Week 2 - "Discover Your Story"
Week 3 - "Be Reconciled"
Week 4 - "Meditate on God's Word"