Our Thanksgiving Bake Sale will be held after all Masses Nov. 23rd & 24th in the Parish Hall. This bake sale will feature pies, breads and muffins but all baked goods are appreciated. Baked goods can be left in the Borromeo Room Kitchen on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, drop off your baked goods at the Bake Sale in the Parish Hall. Please label your items with quantity on the plate and what it is. If leaving baked goods in the Borromeo Room kitchen, please mark your items for the Bake Sale.

The proceeds from the bake sales go toward the purchase of the altar wine, hosts, candles, worship aids and the cleaning of the linens.

The Christmas Bake Sale will be held after all Masses on Dec. 21st & 22nd.

If you have any questions please contact Karen Borchardt at 262-719-0143 or Carol Ostopowicz 262-367-8548.

If you would like to bake or volunteer to help at the Holiday Bake Sales, please sign up on the parish sign-up shelf.