Monthly Tuesday Evening Mass at St. Charles

St. Charles offers a monthly Tuesday evening Mass at 5:30 pm to help facilitate the participation of young adults and families who might otherwise not be able to make it to our daily morning Mass. We also hope that this Mass will be an opportunity to encounter some of the ancient treasures of the Mass. One of these treasures is the celebration of the Mass in a common direction. To celebrate Mass in this way, the priest and the people face each other when they are speaking to each other (e.g. “The Lord be with you…And with your spirit”), and they face a common direction – toward Christ on the crucifix – when they are together speaking directly to God (e.g. during the Eucharistic Prayer). Another treasure is the Latin language, the use of which the Second Vatican Council wished to preserve (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy n. 36). During our Tuesday evening Masses we will use Latin to sing those parts of the Mass that do not change from week to week: e.g. the Gloria; the Holy, Holy, Holy; the Our Father; and the Lamb of God. The rest of the Mass will be in English. While these treasures are indeed ancient, they are also ever new. While some of us may not be familiar with them, they still exist in the Church’s treasury, waiting to be brought out and encountered by the next generation. If you have any questions about this new opportunity at St. Charles, please feel free to send Fr. Nick an email: