Parish Trustee-Treasurer Nomination

Nominations for the Parish Trustee-Treasurer position are now being accepted. Paul Prahl's term as Parish Trustee-Treasurer is ending. Fr. Ken Omernick has asked that Paul be nominated to continue his service for another two-year term. If you or someone you know would also like to be considered for nomination to this position, you are required to be at least twenty-five years of age, a practicing Catholic, and a current registered parish member. Nomination forms and information are available in the Parish Office. All nomination forms must include ten parishioner endorsement signatures and must be returned to the Parish Office no later than Friday, March 1. Voting for Parish Trustee-Treasurer position will take place on March 15. If no additional nominations are received, Paul Prahl will be reinstated as Parish Trustee-Treasurer for another two-year term.