Server Training Opportunities Available

Server Training Opportunities Are Available!

Training for both new and experienced servers is starting soon! All St. Charles parishioners who will be in 4th Grade or older are invited to participate in this ministry.

There are two sign-up forms:

  • The New Server Training Sign-Up is for students who have either never served before and want to learn or those students who are coming from another parish and want to learn how to serve here at St. Charles.  There are four dates in September when New Server training is available. 
  • The Lead Server Training Sign-Up is for experienced servers who are ready to step into the Lead Server position – he or she is the captain of the three-person server team at Mass. Lead Servers are also eligible to serve weddings and funerals. 

If you or your parents have any questions, please call Elizabeth Thompson, our Parish Liturgist, at 262-367-6704 or email her.

Thank you so much for being part of our St. Charles’ Ministry Team! Sign up today, and we look forward to serving with you!