Silent Parish Retreat for Women

Friday, March 22nd at 6:15pm
through Sunday, March 24th at 1:00pm
at the Redemptorist Retreat Center

“Witnesses of the Redeemer: Mission to a Wounded World”

To be a witness of the Redeemer is to commit oneself to the person of Jesus Christ and His Mission, to His teachings and attitudes. We are called and sent by the Lord Jesus to share hope with others, to have compassion for them and to identify with their struggles. We do so following the example of Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Redeemer.

The retreat will consist of presentations, daily Mass, opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, great meals and time to take in the natural beauty of the Center. This retreat is structured in an atmosphere of respectful silence. Come and enjoy some well-deserved rest and quiet during a “spiritual vacation!”

If you are interested in attending please sign up on the sign-up shelf. For more details visit and for questions please contact Susan Thiede at 414-315-3640 or Shirley Lamerand at 262-367-7149.