SoulCore at St. Charles Parish

SoulCore will be led by Becky Torhorst in the Borromeo Room on July 10 & 22 at 10:00 am and July 16 & August 1 at 6:30 pm.

SoulCore is an apostolate rooted in prayer. All other elements, such as movement, music and candles, are a means to help deepen the prayer experience.

SoulCore strives to incorporate basic core strengthening, stretching and functional movements throughout the prayerful movement. All movements are simply an invitation to engage the body in prayer. Each participant is encouraged to honor their body, to rest and do modifications as needed. Again, the prayers are the main focus.

Some other points that may help give a better understanding of SoulCore:

• SoulCore is not Catholic yoga. It is an alternative for Catholic christians desiring to strengthen body and soul while fully oriented toward Christ.

• SoulCore was not created as a response to any other practice, but rather was a “yes” to an inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The seeds of SoulCore were planted after one of SoulCore’s co-founders experienced a series of tragedies in her life and found profound physical and spiritual healing through praying the rosary while exercising.

• While distinction between the movements in each practice is important, what is of greater importance are the theological and philosophical differences between SoulCore and yoga.

• Yoga is a practice of polytheism and SoulCore is founded in monotheism, one true God.

• Yoga is based in Eastern meditation practices, while SoulCore is based in Christian meditation, which is always focused on the life of Jesus Christ.

• Yoga is about “emptying” the mind and SoulCore is about “filling” the mind & soul specifically with the life and word of Christ.

This short video helps share the essence of SoulCore: SoulCore: A True Catholic Workout (Fr. Vincent Druding): SoulCore’s deepest desire is to maintain the integrity of the Rosary and the Catholic Faith; to encourage a deeper devotion to the Blessed Mother through the rosary; to grow in virtue and interior peace; and to be strengthened physically to be fit instruments to do God’s will. Of course it is a personal discernment whether SoulCore is the type of prayerful movement one chooses to participate in.

SoulCore is meant for YOU to spend quality time with the Lord
in prayer and movement.
Please make appropriate offsite childcare arrangements.

All are welcome! Visit for more information. There is no cost but a suggested donation of $10, for those who are able. Dress in comfortable clothing or sportswear and bring a fitness mat if you have one.