St. Charles Mass Procedures




Tickets are no longer required to attend Mass at St. Charles!


Mass Procedures

Things will be and look different when we come together for Mass due to Covid-19. It may be hard and not what we expect but, by God’s grace, we will get through this by doing it together.

Before you come to Mass, please watch the video from Fr. Ken and Fr. Nick that was produced for our first comeback weekend May 30 and 31. Even though there have been updates to the Mass procedures since this time, the video will give you a basic idea of what to expect. Every Friday since this first video, Fr. Ken and Fr. Nick will share new videos if there are any new Mass procedures or parish updates.

St. Charles staff and volunteers have given careful thought to put measures and precautions in place to ensure the safety of all coming back for Mass. While some procedures may seem overly cautious, they are meant to help keep everyone safe. Following are highlights of these procedures that are in accordance with the most recent updated (7-1-20) directives from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee:

1. We encourage anyone who is at risk, ill or is feeling ill to continue to participate in Mass via our livestream. The Archbishop has extended the dispensation from attending Mass through September 6th.

2. During the first phase of our reopening, campus-wide (church, Borromeo Room and Parish Hall) seating for Mass will be at 25 percent capacity or a maximum of 280 seats (allowing for appropriate social distancing).

3. Please bring your own face covering/mask, and those age 6 and older will be required to wear a face covering/mask. Please have your face covering on as your enter the building. Face coverings may only be removed to consume the Precious Body.

A special accommodation will be made for those with celiac disease (please email Alicia Van Hecke - - at least 24 hours before Mass to have a low-gluten host or celiac chalice set up for you).

• To receive in hand: As you come forward to receive Holy Communion, if you wish to receive on the hand, do so from the minister stationed in the side aisle. Place out your hands, say amen, lower your mask, receive the Precious Body from the priest or other minister, step to the side, and reverently consume the Precious Body.

• To receive by tongue: This minister will be stationed in the center aisle. If you wish to receive on the tongue, simply bow, bypass the minister in the side aisle, and then proceed to the minister in the center aisle. When the minister says, “The Body of Christ,” say, “Amen,” then lower your mask and receive Holy Communion on the tongue. The minister will sanitize his hand after distributing to each person.

4. Please bring your own hand sanitizer.

5. No childcare will be offered during Masses at this time. Parents are requested to use the hallway only to help calm young children.

6. Thirty minutes before Mass, the doors of the church will open. Please do not be late for Mass. We will not be seating anyone in the body of the church after Mass begins. Special directions will be given for handicapped persons.

7. Even though we are no longer requiring tickets for Mass, we are still observing all social distancing protocols and Covid-appropriate cleaning standards.

The Church, Borromeo Room and Parish Hall will remain at 25% seating capacity for a total of 280 seats available per Mass. Every other pew in the church will be left empty, and chairs in the Borromeo Room and Parish Hall will be spaced accordingly allowing for the minimum six-foot social distancing guideline. Parishioners are asked to be patient and flexible in following the ushers directions and maintain social distancing when entering and exiting the parish. Masks are required at all Masses.

8. Restrooms will be open and monitored so that only one individual or parent and child will be allowed in at a time.

9. Please do not leave Mass until an usher dismisses you. For the well-being of all and to ensure adequate time to clean and sanitize the church for the next Mass, we kindly ask that everyone in attendance exits the building and grounds in a safe, orderly and timely manner. While we know many of you would like to reconnect with your fellow parishioners, we ask that you go directly to your car to avoid large gatherings.

10. Paper bulletins will be distributed after Mass by ushers wearing masks and gloves while keeping as much social distance as possible. An electronic version is available on the homepage of our website.

11. There will be a basket available for you to drop off your offertory (envelope) before or after Mass.

We know this may be a lot to adjust to and to make it work we need all of you, our entire community, to help. When we come to Mass, we never come just for ourselves. We also come to joyfully worship together. Your cooperation with these new procedures will make it possible not only for you and your family to attend Mass, but your fellow parishioners as well.

Last, but certainly not least, please pray for us. Pray for our entire community. Pray that as we comeback together all goes well. And know of our prayers for you. We love you, we miss you, and we can’t wait to see you. God Bless.

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