St. Charles Selected as a Stop in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee 175 Miles of History

As you walk into the front doors of St. Charles take a few minutes to look at the small church replica outside the main entrance near the cross monument.

This mini church will be on display through the end of November as part of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s 175th Anniversary.

Join us in celebrating the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's 175th Anniversary by exploring 175 miles of the Archdiocese. St. Charles is part of the six biking and walking paths between churches that all together total 175 miles.

The routes are family-friendly and walkers or bikers can pick the distance and time to complete the route. Pick your location and start anywhere and anytime. There are free passport guides and information available along the way at each stop.

For example the St. Charles route begins at Holy Hill in Hubertus and ends at St. Charles and is about a 17-mile hike. Stops in between are at St. Teresa of Calcutta (Monches location, formerly St. John the Baptist) and St. Teresa of Calcutta (North Lake location, formerly St. Clare). This route utilizes the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and is a walking trail only so no biking allowed.

For more information about the six routes and stops along the way visit

St. Charles Parish would like to thank the Van Hecke Family for their hard work and creativity on this project, especially Christina Van Hecke for the painting/artwork and John Van Hecke for the wood/metal work.

Stop by the see the mini church today!