Upcoming Changes at St. Charles and St. Teresa of Calcutta Parishes

This announcement was made after all Masses at St. Charles and St. Teresa Parishes on May 4 & 5.

At the suggestion of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and their chief operating officer Mr. Brad Berghouse, we began to explore the possibility of ending the cluster arrangement between St. Charles and St. Teresa Parishes. Although we were functioning quite well as a cluster for 14 months, the difference in scale became very clear – St. Charles has 2,500 households in comparison to St. Teresa’s 650 households. One of the ideas that we began exploring was to separate the two parishes so they would no longer be clustered and St. Teresa would have a Parish Director. After consultation with Fr. Jerry Herda, the Vicar for Clergy, and Archbishop Listecki the consensus was that this would be a superior arrangement - having St. Charles as a free-standing parish with a full-time Pastor and St. Teresa as a free-standing parish with a Parish Director.

The Archbishop was pleased to assign Deacon Allen, who is currently on staff at St. Teresa’s, to the role of Parish Director. This arrangement will take effect on July 1st. This continuity in leadership will allow for a seamless transition. It isn’t that the cluster wasn’t successful. It is that this arrangement will be more effective. The Archdiocese has also made this change with two other parish clusters.

Deacon Allen will have the support of all the wonderful staff at St. Teresa, especially his Amazing Parish Team of Mary Jo Romportl and Rick Berger who will work closely with him. Fr. Ken will continue as the Pastor of St. Charles and also will be the Supervising Priest for St. Teresa. Masses at St. Teresa will be provided by assisting priests.