Elizabeth Thompson

Pastoral Associate

Currently, Beth’s primary ministries are liturgical. She coordinates the liturgical ministries (clergy, lectors, eucharistic ministers, servers, greeters, sacristans) for all masses and services, and supervises the recruitment, training and scheduling of all lay liturgical ministers. You will see her at almost every mass and service here at St. Charles, as well as every baptism, wedding, and funeral. In addition, she is the Parish Facilitator and Coordinator for the Archdiocesan “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” abuse prevention program, plus has her fingers in lots of other little projects as Father Omernick deems necessary. Beth joined the St. Charles Parish Staff in July of 2001.  She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Marquette University in 1983, and Her Master’s Degree in Divinity from Saint Francis De Sales Seminary in 1996. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading all things historical and political, and imploring her cats not to shed all over the house.

(262) 367-6704
  • Coordinates Liturgical Ministries
  • Supervises Recruitment, Training, and Scheduling of Lay Liturgical Ministers
  • Facilitator and Coordinator of “Safeguarding All God’s Family”