Fr. Ariel Orozco

Associate Pastor

Fr. Ariel Orozco was born in Modesto California. His parents moved to Mexico when he was a year old. He is the oldest of five. He has two brothers and two sisters. Growing up, Fr. Ariel recalls, “was like summer every day. I looked forward to the next day to play outside with my siblings, neighbors, and cousins whom, by the way, are more than one hundred.” Growing up in a small town in Mexico named after Our Lady of Guadalupe (Capilla de Guadalupe) where life revolved around Church, was spiritually nurturing for my faith and future vocation.

In 2006, at the age of fifteen, Fr. Ariel moved to Milwaukee with his aunt and uncle, with whom he lived for three years. During those years, he went to High School in the south side of Milwaukee. He then went to college to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, which he never practiced. At that time, he began working as a hardwood flooring specialist, laying down and refinishing wood floors.

As much as he enjoyed his job, Fr. Ariel felt the call to something greater. Laying floors was not as fulfilling. After a few years and several invitations, Fr. Ariel started to help at Mass in his home parish (St. Adalbert). First as a lector, and later as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Fr. Ariel began to fall in love with the Church. Soon after, he attended a men’s retreat in which, as he describes, “my experience of God went from a concept to a person. From God who is out there in the universe, to speaking with Him in the Person of Jesus Christ, who loves me and gave his life out of love for me.” This was the truth that most touched Fr. Ariel’s heart.

Soon after the retreat, Fr. Ariel participated as Jesus for the live Passion in his home Parish, which took place in 2012. This was, says Fr Ariel, “a transformative experience.” During the Easter Vigil on Saturday, a subtle whisper in his heart said, “would you like to be my priest, another Christ on earth?” Finally, after a long period of discernment, Fr. Ariel joined seminary in 2014.

Fr. Ariel loves sports. Among his favorites are soccer, volleyball and biking. In summer of 2019, Fr. Ariel completed “El Camino” (The Way of St. James) a 500-mile pilgrimage from France to Spain. You will know that he loves coffee, especially espresso, and Formula One, as enjoys talking about these. In his free time Fr. Ariel likes to exercise. However, his favorite hobby is cooking.

Lastly, Fr. Ariel has a strong devotion to St. John Vianney, the patron Saint of seminarians and parish priests and St. Phillip Neri, the patron saint of joy. Fr. Ariel is very excited to be at our Parish and he looks forward to serving you as a priest.

(262) 367-0800