Marianne Giovingo

Discipleship Team Lead

My heart was heavy, and the invitation for change was presented. The Lord’s providence provided me to discover that St. Charles was hiring, and I got excited thinking about how to serve St. Charles regarding engagement and discipleship. His timing allowed me to respond in boldness and transition in trust that He would lead me in ministry and in my vocation. I am confident God is inviting me to a ministry of presence and relationship, to meet parishioners where they are at and then walk with them toward Heaven. My only goal is to get out of the way of the Holy Spirit while at the same time giving Him permission to use the gifts He has given me to glorify Him in this parish.

I grew up in Rockford, IL (don’t hold that against me). I have an older brother, and we have such a playful relationship — I love our love language. My dad was in business and my mom was a teacher; I followed after my mom. I received a degree from Loras College in Dubuque, IA in Secondary Education with endorsements in World History, Special Education, and a minor in Catholic Studies. My passion is teaching Theology. I love the Lord, and I want to help others encounter Him and fall in love and be loved by the One who has captured my heart. I am two classes away from a Masters in Theology, but it’s not about the amount of intellectual knowledge — we always must be docile to continual formation and growth. I encourage you to dive in deep! The Mass is a formation, small groups are a formation, Adoration and personal prayer, all elements of formation!

When you follow the Lord, it’s always an adventure! My faith became my own through participating in my parish youth group throughout high school. God captured my heart and revealed to me that I was not alone as a young person in love with the Lord. I began to give God permission to speak truth to my heart regarding my vocation in college, and in God’s humor, He is still revealing the depth of His love today. When we surrender our plans to God, we give Him room to move into our hearts in ways we couldn’t imagine but in the way God desires for us to receive Him. He is teaching me daily how He knows better than I, and I am convinced of this truth. I just need to keep practicing at living this! The Lord has invited me to respond to His pursuit of Love through discerning two religious communities, which have strengthened me to hear His voice of truth louder than any other in the world. My heart is consecrated to His, and I long to live my life through the eyes of Faith.

(262) 367-0800 ext. 220