Trish Gilchrist

Administrative Assistant for Child Formation

After more than 25 years in sales in the construction and building industry, Trish changed career directions and now works with young children. She assists with daily operations by registering students for classes, ordering student materials, assisting catechists with lesson preparation and supporting other needs in the Child Formation Ministry.

Trish recently moved to Lake Country from Pennsylvania and she says her employment at St. Charles was directed entirely by the Holy Spirit. “I hope that I will be able to share the joy that my own faith brings to my life with the lives of the people who I will meet here at the parish, in the community of Hartland and wherever my travels may take me,” she says. “As an adult, and as I reach my more mature years, my faith has become the center of my life and the joy-filled changes that it brings me daily is truly a blessing.The Lord continues to put the exact right people at the exact right time into my life to bring me closer to Him. Amazing!”

A practicing Catholic who went through 12 years of Catholic school, Trish and her husband are parents to two adult children.

(262) 367-3277
  • Registering students for classes
  • Ordering student materials
  • Assisting catechists with lesson preparation
  • Supporting other needs in Child Formation