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Jesus and Me

Jesus and Me is an opportunity for both children and parents to draw closer to Christ! Children are involved in playtime activities that introduce them to the stories of the faith, and parents and guardians are introduced to interactive ways of bringing the Catholic faith home to their children. As a child grows physically and mentally, they also grow spiritually, and their first guide to their faith are their parents! Jesus and Me equips both children and parents for the task of bringing Christ into their homes.  

Jesus and Me sessions are held five to six times a school year and are open to children ranging from infants through kindergarten and all parents interested in acquiring the tools to implement their faith at home on a daily basis. For more information on each session’s theme, refer to Jesus and Me flyers in the parish or the church bulletin. Sign up is required through the form in the bulletin, and there is a fee of $7 per child. Adults are free.

Additionally, Jesus and Me is always looking for more volunteers to help set up the program and run each session. For more information or to become involved, please contact Nancy Neuser, Director of Adult and Family Ministry.

Little Lambs Childcare Ministry

The Little Lambs Childcare Ministry is a free weekly program that serves all children from walking age through Kindergarten in the St. Charles 3K classroom during the 9:00 am and 11:00 am Sunday Masses, as well as other select events held at St. Charles such as young adult formation groups. Children are introduced to Christ through playtime, crafts, coloring pages, stories, music, and snack. The staff of Little Lambs is made up of qualified childcare Team Leaders and parish volunteer teen and adult helpers. Two adults are always on duty while the program is in session. More volunteers are always welcome! Those interested in helping or looking for more information about Little Lambs Childcare Ministry can contact Nancy Neuser, Director of Adult and Family Ministry. Safeguarding All God’s Children Training is required for volunteers 18 and older.

Elizabeth Ministry

Following the example of Mary, the Mother of God, and her cousin Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ministries work to further the sacredness of life, recognizing that motherhood is one of the most sacred occasions given by God. The Elizabeth Ministry encourages, celebrates, prays, and shares on behalf of the parish, to support women during times of pregnancy, birth, adoption, infant crisis, miscarriage, infertility, and parenting.  

Women who volunteer for this ministry are fellow parishioners who enjoy visiting and helping other women as a friend during the joys and sorrows of childbearing. They deliver gift baskets to families filled with donations from parish members as a reminder of the church community that cares for and supports the family in times of motherhood. If you wish to help or donate to the Elizabeth Ministry’s donation baskets, monetary donations are also accepted in addition to items for the family. You can also donate your time to help make or deliver baskets to parishioners. For more information or to become involved, contact Nancy Neuser, Director of Adult and Family Ministry.


  • What are some of the programs offered?
    • Jesus and Me, Elizabeth Ministry, Share the Joy Women’s Faith-sharing Group, Ebert’s Pumpkin Farm Trip, Easter Egg Hunt Event, May crowning Ceremony, Birthday Party for Jesus, Shrine Pilgrimages, Blessing of Pets, Epiphany Home Blessing, Mardi Gras event, Living Nativity ,Rosary, and Stations of the Cross, Mealsite Help,Schoenstatt Rosary Project, Respect Life Rose Sale (jointly).

  • How can I find out more about a specific program or sign up?
    • Call Nancy Neuser for more information or to register.

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