Becoming Fully Catholic

"Jesus said to them, 'Come, and you will see.'" -John 1:39

RCIA: Come and See Video


Becoming Fully Catholic is how St. Charles implements the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, a process through which unbaptized men and women, and those unbaptized children who have reached the age of reason around age 7, enter the Catholic Church. It includes several stages marked by a deepening relationship with God, study, prayer, community, and celebration of rites at Mass. Participants in this journey are known as seekers, catechumens, and elect, after participation in certain rites of the Church.

Becoming Fully Catholic is also for those who may have been baptized, Catholic or not, when they were younger, but were never raised in the Christian faith or were never confirmed. These teens and adults are called candidates.

All participants undergo a process of conversion as they reflect on the Gospel, profess faith in Jesus and the Catholic Church, and receive the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and Holy Eucharist. The BFC process follows the ancient practice of the Church that was restored by the Second Vatican Council as the normal way adults prepare for baptism.

Children of elementary age will work with Fr. Ariel Orozco and Alicia Van Hecke to receive formation in the Catholic faith, usually through Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Preteens and teenagers will work with Fr. Ariel Orozco as well as Lake Country Life Teen to receive formation.

Through Becoming Fully Catholic, you will Meet, Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ!

BFC consists of gathering together as a group on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 10:15-11:45 at the Parish and one-on-one mentorship on alternating weeks, which will take place at a time convenient to the candidate and mentor. 

Children and teenagers meet with CGS or Life Teen according to those schedules.

Please contact Fr. Ariel, for more information. You may also call our parish office 262-367-0800.



  • What do I have to do?
      • - Contact Deacon Fr. Ariel Orozco to declare your interest in Becoming Fully Catholic.
      • - Attend Sunday Mass regularly
      • - Attend our gatherings on the first and third Sunday of each month (adults), or CGS or Life Teen according to those schedules for children and teenagers.
      • - Develop a deep prayer life (don’t worry, we’ll show you how!)
      • - Grow in love for Christ, his people, and his teachings
      • - Attend parish events with your Sponsor (we take care of that, too!)
  • How long does the process take?
    • It honestly depends! Some people receive their Sacraments within months. Others take a year or more. We take our time and value your individual journey- Jesus didn’t run on a schedule or push deadlines, and so we don’t either.


      The Second Vatican Council restored the adult catechumenate to the Church, an ancient journey towards Christ that is unbound by deadlines or schedules. You can read about it Here.

  • When can I receive these Sacraments?
    • For those seeking Baptism, normally at the Easter Vigil Mass, when one is ready. The parish sponsors and the catechumen decide together, through prayer and discernment, when the catechumen is prepared to receive Baptism.


      For those seeking Reception or Confirmation, through prayer and discernment, the candidate and sponsors decide together when the candidate is ready to Become Fully Catholic.


      Reception and Eucharist (for those baptized outside the Catholic Church) take place at a Sunday Mass at St. Charles when one is ready.


      Confirmation (for baptized Catholics) normally occurs at Pentecost with the Archbishop when one is ready.

  • I want to enter the Church and heard that I need to have a Catholic wedding to do so.
    • Those married people seeking the Catholic sacraments must be married in the Catholic Church. This process is called convalidation (commonly known as 'having one's marriage blessed'). Please contact Fr. Ariel Orozco and Dee Anne Hamer for assistance.

  • I was directed to this page for my child, aged 7 or above. What do we need to do?
    • We are overjoyed that you and your child are seeking baptism! Children and teenagers above the age of reason have the right to choose Baptism for themselves and therefore must make a Profession of Faith.You and your family will work together with Fr. Ariel Orozco and Alicia Van Hecke or Lake Country Life Teen, towards your child's profession of faith and baptism.

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