Evangelization Small Groups

Small Groups are groups of 8 to 12 people who meet weekly in member’s homes throughout Lake Country during Fall and Lent for an hour and a half to discuss scripture readings and faith teachings. The small groups movement is less of a program and more of a community. Small Groups members are driven by the desire to discuss religious teachings, to learn about their faith, and to show their love of Christ. They are encouraged to meet with other members and with group leaders outside of meeting times to discuss spiritual lives and hold each other accountable. It is in this manner that the world is evangelized! Not through corporations, programs, or governments, but through movements where people engage with each other and come to see Christ! Groups are offered for men, women, and couples at various times.  

If you wish to join a Small Group, sign-ups are open twice a year in September and January,  or contact Julie Malucha, Director of Evangelization.