Jesus & Me (Preschoolers)

Jesus and Me is an opportunity for both children and parents to draw closer to Christ! Children are involved in playtime activities that introduce them to the stories of the faith, and parents and guardians are introduced to interactive ways of bringing the Catholic faith home to their children. As a child grows physically and mentally, they also grow spiritually, and their first guide to their faith are their parents! Jesus and Me equips both children and parents for the task of bringing Christ into their homes and daily practices.

Jesus and Me sessions are held five to six times a school year and are open to children ranging from infants through Kindergarten and all parents interested in acquiring the tools to implement their faith at home on a day to day basis. For more information on each session’s theme, refer to Jesus and Me flyers in the parish or the church bulletin. Sign up is required through the form in the bulletin, and there is a fee of $7 per child. Adults are free. Additionally, Jesus and Me is always looking for more volunteers to help set up the program and run each session. For more information or to become involved, please contact Nancy Neuser.

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