Finance Council

The financial council is responsible for oversight of the parish’s financial expenses and is responsible for reviewing the annual parish financial report, which is shared under Meet Christ in the hope of being as transparent as possible in regards of the parish’s finances. For contact information for the members of the finance council please contact the parish office at (262) 367-0800.

  • TBD - Chair
  • John Zingsheim
  • David Bray
  • Alan Giuffre
  • Tom Harter
  • Paul Prahl
  • Dennis Tarnowski


  • How often does Finance Council meet?
    • Regular meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month, at least 6 times a year.

  • Finance Council is made of what membership?
    • Finance Council is made of 7 members, 4 members are appointed by the pastor, 1 Parish Trustee, 2 members selected from the at-large membership of the Pastoral Council.  The Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Director of Administrative Services attend and report at each meeting.

  • Who leads the Finance Council?
    • Finance Council is led by Chair.