A vocation is a call from God, a ceaseless invitation to charity and holiness as expressed in a certain way of life. Marriage, the priesthood or diaconate, and religious life, though different lifestyles, are all prompts to holiness and virtuous habits. The process of discerning each vocation can be a lifelong process, but often begins to unfold in a person’s young adult life. For this reason, youths and young adults are encouraged to ponder prayerfully what sort of life God may be calling them to lead.  

The St. Charles Student Ministries offers programs such as Life Teen and Brewing the Faith for persons looking to strengthen their connection with Christ as they discern their place in God’s wondrous plan. For those who have already dedicated themselves to a vocation, either through marriage or a consecration to single life, or who are still in discernment, St. Charles also offers opportunities for further faith formation through the Small Group communities offered through the Evangelization Ministry.  

If you have any questions about vocations at St. Charles, please contact Fr. Ariel Orozco. Additional resources on vocations may be found through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Vocation webpage. If you are considering the diocesan priesthood, an excellent resource is the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s thinkpriest.org.


  • If I'm thinking about becoming a priest, whom should I contact first, St. Charles or the Archdiocese of Milwaukee?
    • Men considering the possibility of the priesthood are welcome to contact either St. Charles Parish or the vocations office of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (thinkpriest.org).  The parish priests and the archdiocesan vocations directors work closely together to support St. Charles parishioners who are discerning whether God is calling them to serve as priests.

  • I'm thinking about becoming a religious sister. What should I do?
    • The priests at St. Charles would be honored to support women of the parish who are considering whether God is calling them to become nuns or religious sisters.  Please get in touch with us so that we can help you discern what sort of religious orders to contact for more information and advice.

  • How can I support young men and women in my life who are discerning God's call?
    • God calls us all to be holy, and He invites each of us to pursue a particular path to holiness.  Please pray daily and by name for young men and women whom you think He may be calling to a Church vocation.  Without putting pressure on them, make sure they know that you see in them what it takes to be a good and holy priest or religious sister.  And please let the priests of St. Charles know so that we can provide appropriate support.